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Thwarting crypto and NFT crypto scams..

We have an unrivalled track record recovering crypto assets collectively worth hundreds of millions.

Restoring organisations, investors, neobanks and betting companies that have fallen victim to fraud.

About Us

The Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Recovery Platform

We’re a team of cyber intelligence specialists, recovery agents, forensic accountants and expert lawyers, working with our proprietary technology all under one roof. If you’re insured, we’ll generally work on a contingency basis, and you’ll keep more than two thirds of any assets we successfully recover. If you’re not insured, we may still be able to help, as long as you’re able to fund the recovery process or can access after-the-event (ATE) and adverse costs insurance.

We have a 100% success rate, and recovered in the region of £500,000 worth of crypto assets last year alone.

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Why Us!

The Best In The crypto Recovery Industry

Hire a Crypto Hunter
As their name implies, We are a business that seeks lost or stolen cryptocurrency on behalf of victims. We may also help with recovering forgotten passwords and lost private keys. Cryptohunters work with both cryptocurrency holders and law enforcement agencies to search for and recover misplaced, inaccessible or stolen cryptocurrencies. We use specialized software to generate millions of potential passwords, and tend to charge a flat fee.
Verify your Wallet
Prove ownership of your crypto assets by your private key to undo fraudulent transactions or in the event of loss or theft.
Contact the Exchange
If your assets were held with a larger, well-known exchange, that exchange is probably aware of it and has most likely begun the recovery process. You may not have been the only victim, so it is very likely they have mostly started working to understand the issue to try to recover assets on behalf of their clients. However, it is important to know that they are not insured by the government, so not all of your assets may be restored.
Secure Storage
Strong passwords, multi-factor authentication and other security measures still do not provide 100% protection against theft. As threats grow in frequency and complexity, investors need the most protection possible for their crypto assets.
Protected By Insurance
Provide any Document (If Any) showing any digital identity of the parties involved in crypto transactions and donations, creating a reliable paper trail.
24/7 Support
we offer round the clock customer support for quick responses to minimize asset loss


How Does it work?

Submit Wallet

Victims of crypto crimes submit details of their case

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CryptoCurrency Flagging

We flag the reported cases to alert a network of blockchain services in order to prevent them receiving the defrauded crypto

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Currency Exchange Recovery

Claims will be visible to our investigation partners that may contact the victim to assist in the recovery of the stolen assets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform typically accepts Ethereum (ETH) for NFT transactions, Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrency for recovery.

- A cryptocurrency recovery platform is a service that helps individuals recover lost or inaccessible cryptocurrencies due to various reasons, such as forgotten passwords, lost keys, or technical issues.

- To initiate the recovery process, you'll need to contact our support team and provide details about your specific situation. We'll guide you through the necessary steps to recover your funds.

- We can assist with the recovery of a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many others. Contact our support for specific inquiries.

-First logout from your Blockchain recovery account, fund your wallet with the required amount. Once that done, log back into your Blockchain recovery account and reconnect your wallet using your seed phrase. The verification should start immediately.

Your funds are totally safe even if it gets automatically transferred to your Blockchain recovery account. It's a security procedure to help keep our users safe.